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Registration Guidelines

The following terms MUST be agreed upon to be enrolled at DTUD for the 2023-2024 Season:

It is the Parent/Guardian's responsibility to read and agree to the following terms.

  1. I am aware that tuition fees are due by the 10th of each month regardless of which day my child's class is on. I realize and agree to pay the $10.00 late fee if my payment is late or a $10.00 fee will be automatically added to my account. A late statement will be sent on accounts that are 15 days past due.
  2. I agree to pay a $25.00 service charge plus any additional bank charges if my check is returned for any reason.
  3. Any account beyond 30-60 days past due and no communication on payment will be subject to an additional collection.
  4. Auto payments are taken out between the 1st-10th of each month. I authorize these payments if I enroll in auto-pay.
  5. Tuition remains the same each month regardless of holidays and/or student absences. Holidays observed are: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, Spring Break and Memorial Day (breaks are in accordance with the W.C.C.S. school system).
  6. I understand that once my child exits the building they are no longer Dance 'Til U Drop's responsibility and/or liability. Children should always remain in the building until parents arrive to pick them up.
  7. Once costumes are ordered, they cannot be cancelled and therefore I understand that I am responsible for full payment of the costume balance regardless if I remain enrolled or not.
  8. ANY students withdrawing from classes MUST submit withdrawal in writing and be submitted by the parent.
  9. I realize that there are no refunds given on tuition or costumes. In addition, if I withdraw my child from classes, any outstanding tuition and/or costume fees must be paid in full.
  10. I understand that enrolling my child in classes is a commitment. If my child remains enrolled throughout the dance season, they will be required to perform in our annual recital show on June 8, 2024.


$25 Registration Fee: Once you click "Submit Registration" you will be redirected to payment page. NO Registration can be accepted without payment.